• Ayushi Bhatnagar

UX Design and Creating Effective Websites

Creating effective websites is becoming more and more important. As users are becoming more technologically savvy and as software evolves, it is important to keep up with the trends of user experience and interface to create a comprehensive platform for your intended users with UX excellence.

Web design includes creating the look and the feel of a website. Some things to take note of as a web designer are the organization of content, the wireframe layouts, and the user interface.

First, to solve problems of organization, you can use a grid. A grid can prevent elements from being structured in a messy way. Grids can help to create visual coherence as content can be differentiated or structured in columns, through a column grid for instance. Grids can also produce document hierarchy. More relevant elements are larger and occupy more of the grid space.

Secondly, it is important to consider that websites are often scanned. Websites are often not thoroughly read so making the page scannable is essential. Including images or infographics can be effective in conveying information for the reader simply by scanning through.

Another point to consider is to make your website clear. Action buttons should not be hidden or difficult to see. Colors and aesthetics can also be used to direct users through design, making it both simple and convenient for the audience.

These tips can not only improve the functionality of the website but increase traffic. Remember to factor in the way that the user experiences the website or platform to create and enhance usability.

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