• Ajay Mohan

Meet the CRM That Helping More Small Businesses Scale

You know the classic Glengarry Glen Ross line: "Always. Be. Closing." That's good advice, and it's especially valuable to small businesses trying to expand. But, even being the best closer in the world won't do you any good if you're letting your leads slip through the cracks. With leads becoming more and more expensive to generate, letting a single one fall to the wayside when you're busy closing others can deal a heavy blow to your bottom line.

Communications with leads, current clients, former clients, and everyone else your sales team interacts with can get convoluted and spread out across email, phone, webchats, and more, leading to forgotten follow-ups and upset customers. There are simply too many ways to connect.

That's where Enfactum CRM comes in. This customer relationship manager (CRM) centralizes all of your communications into a single unified lead profile, enabling you to stay on top of your past communications and keep conversations going without switching apps.

In practice, this means you can chat with leads on messenger apps (as well as calls and emails) within their profile. So, if one lead prefers Instagram and another lead likes Skype, you don't need to leave your workspace, nor do you have to hassle them to switch platforms either, making for a much more fluid communication experience.

For small businesses that can't afford to lose business, that's incredibly valuable.

Unlike other CRMs, Enfactum CRM provides enhanced SMS and messaging tools, keeping up with business trends as more and more business is done via mobile devices. Where other CRMs get stuck on phone and email communications, Enfactum CRM helps businesses supply leads with instant answers and the ability to pick up and leave off whenever they want. That leads to quicker decisions and faster results.

With Enfactum CRM , the whole team can easily see which chats they are responsible for, plus you can get team-wide access without having to share logins and passwords with everyone. cutting out extra steps that would otherwise slow you down.

As if wrangling all of your messaging isn't already a huge boon, Enfactum CRMalso gives you access to AI chatbots that you can create and customize with zero coding know-how. These bots can understand a lead or customer’s intentions during the conversation and respond with pre-made templates and workflows, empowering them to answer questions, schedule appointments and much more while you get more done

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