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How Friendly is Figma?

Why you ought to take care of Figma vs Adobe XD? there's no denying that in recent years we've seen monumental growth within the availability of UI design tools.

Figma, yet as Adobe XD, are catching up fast, both on the dimensions of the features in addition as global market share.

1.Figma gives you access free if you’re an independent designer. The Starter plan allows three projects and unlimited storage. For teams, the Professional plan starts at $12 per month, with unlimited access to everything and extra features.

2.Adobe XD comes with a free Starter plan. As such, the tool will be used with no associated costs for people. Design teams can get the total Adobe XD experience for $23 per month.

The platform support of Figma vs Adobe XD

All three tools have their differences in platform support. Which is additionally contributing greatly to the amount of users each tool has. Here’s a rundown for the particular operating systems on which you'll be able to use each tool.

i) Figma. Browser-based! Desktop apps available for Mac and Windows without offline support. are often used on Linux machines within the browser!

ii) Adobe XD. Supports Mac and Windows systems.

Figma vs Adobe XD have interesting price points and approaches. And there are many various reasons why one is superior to the opposite.

If you have got a strong setup, you'll be able to technically run any of those tools through a Virtual Machine environment. E.g. Mac users can install Windows on their Apple devices using the cantonment app.

Alright. Now that we've got all the tiny details out of the way, let’s take a more in-depth examine what makes each of those UI design tools so special:

You can see during this example that the plugin provides highly accurate element information. Including font family, positioning, and also the appropriate CSS code that developers can use immediately.

It really does want we have gotten to a degree where UI design tools are ready to import fully functional designs from the get-go.

The tool provides several solutions integrated into one UI:

· UI & UX design

· Prototyping

· Graphic design

· Wireframing

· Templates

And it does so both within the browser and within its desktop-based application. the very fact that Figma is constructed for the browser means Linux users can even use Figma on their Unix-based systems. a large plus!

You don’t must invest plenty of your time into your design process either. Figma takes care of this through its Templates offering. These are wireframes, flowcharts, diagrams, story maps, and full-on website templates pre-made only for you.

Here you have got a ready-made SaaS website template, which you'll immediately edit and optimize to your liking. Such templates (layers, groups, etc.) may be saved for later use for easier importing.

Figma makes room free space on your hard-drive

The nice thing about Figma is that you just don’t must save anything on your computer. All files are stored within the cloud, and accessible anywhere. this is often now not the case with Figma.

Here’s how Figma solves real-time collaboration tasks:

· Commenting. Use the interface to pick out a comment tab and instantly send someone a link to your comment. The marker is left precisely on the world you’re commenting on.

· Multi-people editing. Edit a file along with multiple people and see their actions in real-time. Multi-people editing may be disabled whenever you’re performing on a feature by yourself.

· Copywriting. If you've got a separate copywriter or a content editor, you'll give them access to write down their copy alongside your add real-time.

· Platform diversity. Because Figma works within the browser, your co-workers can take part whether or not they use a Mac system, or a Linux or Windows machine. It’s truly freedom-enabling!

For the foremost part, Figma leaves Adobe’s XD too far behind to be considered reliable alternatives for real-time collaboration.

The browser-based UI enables for seamless collaboration without the necessity to organize for it individually. i might expect similar features to be introduced in other tools within the near future!

Adobe XD: flawless UI & UX design

Adobe isn't often related to the free price-tag. the corporate features a notorious reputation for offering world-class products at premium prices.

But it seems that even Adobe realizes that it's to try to to something on not lose out on an enormous market share of designers worldwide. And their answer is making Adobe XD a free UI design tool.

Likewise, aside from adding new features, Adobe has also been keeping busy to create XD as pluggable as possible. Plugins, after all, do make it easier to realize the most effective results quicker.

Design and prototype with ease

Adobe’s focus with XD seems to be making things easy and intuitive. From creating a brand new project to managing prototypes, most features are only a click away.

Once you decide a project type (Web/Phone/Tablet), you'll immediately start functioning on your design. Assets for your project may be either preloaded or shared by other XD users in your team.

This also makes it easy to stay up with any existing design specs your team is functioning with. Spend less time finding files and longer designing!

Adobe XD’s collaboration features are fair

When collaborating, Adobe offers two choices: work together on a cloud document or upload a document from your PC. the previous option makes collaboration quicker. and alluring new people is additionally extremely easy.

In the top-right corner of your tool, you've got the Share button.

Here you’ll find several ways to share your XD designs.

The options are:

· Invite to Edit

· Share for Review

· Share for Development

· Record Video

So, on reflection, these are all options tailored towards a smoother design workflow. XD can automatically understand the spec you’re using in order that you'll send it off to developers. Further, you'll record a video to showcase any specific feature of the thing that you’re building.

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