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Contrast Between Google Label Manager & Tealium (Examination on Tag Management)

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Tag Management Systems are inescapable in the present Digital Marketing and Web examination industry. TMS's developed in the last part of the 2000's to address the numerous chances and difficulties presented by the touchy development in advanced promoting arrangements.

Label Management Systems help organizations to deliberately deal with their (on the web) information design and smooth out label arrangement, which recently required IT offices and backing to intercede. Giving adaptability and 'spryness' in the present computerized world, they really became irreplaceable devices.

Despite the fact that TMS appear to be omnipresent in our industry today, research via Cardinal way shows that lone 58% of the IR (web retailers) Top 500 were utilizing TMS in 2015. Genuine appropriation has expanded from that point forward, yet a great deal of organizations still can't seem to take the jump.

At Enfactum we exhort every one of our customers to consider a TMS to help face their computerized difficulties and openings. Today, we work with various sellers and advancements however essentially with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Tealium (IQ). The two arrangements give a major increased the value of associations hoping to smooth out their computerized showcasing systems and improvement.

Both Google Tag Manager and TealiumIQ can possibly use your association's computerized information and give cooperative energies. Nonetheless, both dominate in various things. The areas underneath will reveal a portion of their principle contrasts, without going excessively specialized or itemized.


We'll commence with featuring the most clear distinction between the two innovations: the cost. Google Tag Manager is a totally free innovation. End of story. Then again, TealiumIQ is a paying arrangement that licenses its innovation to their customers. The evaluating shifts on the quantity of hit-level occasions your website(s) creates. In return at the cost, Tealium offers you various administrations and highlights (see further areas).

Mix with web examination apparatuses

A significant component to consider is the manner by which the two innovations incorporate with your current web examination instrument (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrends, … ). By effectively incorporating the two arrangements, you can create numerous information and estimation cooperative energies.

As a rule Google Analytics is the main web examination instrument (piece of the pie) today. A report done via Cardinal Path shows that over 70% of the present top online retailers run a type of Google Analytics, contrasted with about 40% Adobe Analytics (whole is bigger that 100% in light of twofold plunging).

Being two Google items, GA and GTM appreciate a simple and effective incorporation and 'cooperation'. GTM permits you to effectively push altered information into GA, from occasion following to setting up custom measurements. The two items flawlessly cooperate. Legitimately, TealiumIQ's and GA's coordination is somewhat less smoothed out. A few highlights, for example, straightforward occasion following can immediately turn out to be more specialized and convoluted. While the two apparatuses can take care of business, GTM's incorporation and explicit highlights make it a superior pick for key GA executions.

When taking a gander at incorporating other web examination instruments, for example, Adobe Analytics, TealiumIQ rapidly starts to lead the pack. The work in tag, information and highlight formats take into consideration simpler set-up and the executives.

Label commercial center

TealiumIQ is the undeniable champ here. With over 3.000 label formats (and developing every day) standing by to be chosen in their Tag Marketplace, you can basically discover a tag for every one of your needs.

As a correlation: GTM as of late included their 50th + tag in their commercial center.

A special reward for Tealium is that at whatever point you don't discover the label you need in their colossal commercial center, you can generally contact uphold and request that they have it actualized (given some time).

Network and Documentation

The two stages offer incredible assets and documentation to help you from fundamental to more mind boggling labeling and following usage.

Tealiums documentation is bolted behind a login entrance and just open for Tealium customers and Partners. The documentation, while exceptionally broad in certain zones, can miss the mark in others, (for example, Google Analytics). By and by, it's appropriately organized and itemized enough to help and backing you in most of your undertakings. Likewise the network is genuinely dynamic and the incredible association with the Tealium uphold engineers is a major in addition to.

GTMs documentation then again is promptly available by anybody. We realize that the general GTM documentation isn't great (some data being obsolete and not refreshed) yet it's broad and simple to discover. We accept that the genuine included an incentive here is the dynamic worldwide network. Several gatherings, web journals (thank you Simo Ahava) and sites accommodate extra assistance and backing. Something the TealiumIQ people group is inadequate with regards to a piece in today.


This one effectively goes in favor for TealiumIQ. As referenced before, TealiumIQ is a paying arrangement. This implies Tealium can apportion assets (engineers, item authorities, … ) to help their customers and accomplices. Having been in contact with a few help groups we can bear witness to that they give a genuine included worth. Tealium uphold groups can help you in setting up, overseeing and assessing labeling methodologies and executions.

Google Tag Manager being a free arrangement doesn't give any impromptu or custom help. It's significantly more customized towards a self-administration approach. Your smartest option is to allude to Partner Agencies, the general network or online websites.

Choosing the correct instrument for your association

To finish up: there is no undeniable victor here. While choosing a TMS it's critical to assess which one may be the best fit for your association. Rather than plunging recklessly into the principal arrangement you go over, consider your present information design, information needs and extreme objectives. Everything comes down to choosing the instrument that engages the previous and supplements the last mentioned.

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